Mitmug and MTIT-BARMM award insulated bags to food riders in Cotabato City

The Office of MP Rasol Mitmug, Jr. in partnership with the Ministry of Trade Investment and Tourism – BARMM awarded insulated bags with raincoats and tumblers to more than 70 riders of 755 Delivery, BenXpress Delivery, and Jhul Foodelivery in Cotabato City. This program is under the Support to Income Generation of Local Ambulant Entrepreneurs (SIGLA) through the Transitional Development Impact Fund of MP Mitmug.
Minister Abuamri A. Taddik, Director General Rosslaini J. Alonto-Sinarimbo, Amer Hussien Mitmug, Chief of Staff of MP Mitmug and Senior Minister Abdulraof Macacua led the awarding today, August 22, 2022, right after the first flag ceremony at Bangsamoro Government Center, Cotabato City.
Mitmug in his message said “In a time na halos lahat ay nakadepende sa mga delivery services mas mabuti na sinisigurado natin na top quality yung mga equipment ng ating mga riders. Raincoat para kapag umulan at tumbler para sa mapaglalagyan ng maiinom.”
In a testimonial message by Mantawil, one of the beneficiaries, shared, “Mapapalitan na mga bag natin na sira-sira wala ng magsasabi na ulan. Marami sa aming mga riders walang bag, ngayon may bag na kami. Salamat po sa pag-effort na tawagan kami, hindi na namin ito pinalagpas, pinuntahan na talaga namin para meron na kaming bag…malaking tulong po ito sa amin. Salamat po kay MP Atty. Rasol Mitmug at sa MTIT.”
Beneficiaries are thankful and excited to use their insulation bags, rain or shine can deliver to their customers. This is just one of the TDIF programs of MP Mitmug as an aide for sectors that are dependent on their daily source of living.

Communicators’ Network on Women, Peace and Security formed

From 10-12 August 2022 in Davao City, the Office of MP Ras Mitmug Jr. joined other information and media staff from the Bangsamoro ministries and offices and civil society organizations, including those coming from other parts of Mindanao, in the very first communication training focused on the promotion of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security or the WPS agenda.
Nor-ain Ibad Lambitan, Information Officer of this Office, emphasized that when we communicate women for their empowerment, we are also resonating to the campaign for peace. UN Women organized the training through the support of Global Affairs Canada and Korean Ministry of Gender Equality and Family through the WPS-ASEAN project.
UN Women WPS team lead in the Philippines Nery Nuyda Ronatay encouraged everyone to shape the narratives on peacebuilding and conflict resolution to promote women’s participation.
Ryce Chanchai, regional team lead on WPS and Governance, welcomed everyone and affirmed UN Women’s support for the groundbreaking initiative.
Editor-in-Chief Carolyn Arguillas of MindaNews opened the door to publish news and articles coming from within the Bangsamoro region.Chiara Zambrano inspired everyone when she shared her personal journey as a woman journalist covering armed conflict including the Marawi Siege in 2017.
Social Media B/Vlogger and Photographer-Videographer Louie Pacardo of Nomadik Media shared effective practices and tips to expand social media reach and improve photography skills.
The training culminated with the formation of a communicators network for WPS. “UN Women is overwhelmed with the affirmation from the participants that this initiative really matters to them, that this will help them become more effective in reaching their audiences, and that forming a network among themselves makes peacebuilding cohesive and comprehensively more inclusive. This is how we would like to build capacities.” Carol DawonlayvdaBello, Communication for Development (C4D) consultant said.

Delivery rider beneficiaries receive insulated bags in Marawi

The Office of MP Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. distributed 22 insulated bags with raincoats and tumblers through its Transition Development Impact Fund (TDIF) to the food delivery riders in Marawi City, this is in connection with the Support to Income Generation of Local Ambulant Entrepreneurs (SIGLA) Programs of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism (MTIT).

As stated by Rosslaini A. Sinarimbo, Director General of MTIT, the SIGLA programs aim to support small businesses like those registered food delivery express so that they would be able to serve their costumers effectively.

Meanwhile, Mr. Abubacar Sangcopan, one of the beneficiary of the program, extended his gratitude as the insulated bag would be helpful for him as Keri Express Rider in Marawi City.

This is in line with the desire of MP Mitmug to support local businesses, especially those affected by the pandemic.

Forum and launch of the Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region: Framework and Annotations and the Signing of the Agreement of Cooperation

Forum and launch of The Organic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region: Framework and Annotations and the Signing of the Agreement of Cooperation between the Institute for Autonomy & Governance and the Mindanao State University System at the Luxe Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City.

This is the 3rd launching of the book. Authors Atty. Ishak Mastura, Atty. Johaira Wahab, and MP Ras Mitmug gave short messages. Mastura & Mitmug also fielded questions from the audience.

The Agreement of Cooperation is a general agreement between IAG and MSU System  to cooperate on three themes: (1) Rule of Law, (2) Governance, (3) and Justice Systems. IAG Exec Director Benny Bacani and MSUS President Atty. Basari Mapupuno assured they would provide assistance in the crucial stages of the Bangsamoro Goverment.

During his message, Atty. Mitmug noted that the failure with the ARMM was that the people did not understand what it was, nor the laws or policies it enacted. He hoped the book would contribute to the greater understanding of the BOL, and explained that the annotations in the book do not present a singular view. Rather, the text provided several stances in its annotations.

Mitmug conducts FGD on proposed local governance code with legal experts

MARAWI CITY – The District Office of Deputy Minority Floor Leader Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. conducted a focus group discussion (fgd) on the draft Bangsamoro Local Governance Code (Bill No. 58) at VIP Room, Sarabi Cuisine & Café, MSU Marawi City last June 23, 2022 with legal experts.

The FGD centered on the legal issues on the provisions of the proposed bill as they discussed the possibilities of resolving and/or raising some conceivable constitutional, statutory, jurisprudence and ordinance challenges in the bill.

MP Mitmug, in his welcome address, said the LGUs have a huge role in the crafting of the LGC considering the responsibilities that would affect the local government.” The legal experts reviewed the bill based on existing laws in the Philippines and exchanged thoughts during the session.

“In the proposed bill, it imposed professional tax of P 1, 300.00 and under the law, the professional tax is just P 300.00. Once you pay a professional tax in any city or provinces, it is applicable, or you can exercise it anywhere in the Philippines. Is it not a disadvantage on the part of the Bangsamoro? Instead of paying 300.00, they would pay professional tax of P 1, 300.00?” said by Atty. Norsary S. Mamad. He also wished that the experts behind the proposed BTA bill were present, so that they can possibly rebut the issues being raised and cite their stance thereupon.

The legal representatives in said FGD include Atty. Norsary S. Mamad (Special Assistant for Legal Matters-MSU System and Overall Assistant Dean at MSU College of Law), Atty. Farhanisah D. Comacasar, Sh.L., REB, CSE, LPT (Professor- MSU College of Law and MSU College of Business Administration and Accountancy), Atty. Hapsha Khabab-Sansarona (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform, Lanao del Sur), Atty. Johari U. Diacat, CE (Private practitioner), Atty. Khalid D. Moner (Attorney III, MSU Legal Services Division), Nassif Nagamora, JD (Assistant Executive Director, MSU Legal Aid and Human Rights Center), Mohammad Mojib Datumanong Marangit, Sh. L. (Professor, Al-Khwarizmi International School, Marawi City).