MP Mitmug and MTIT conduct orientation for establishment of P3.4-M coffee processing center in South Upi

The Office of Deputy Minority Floor Leader, MP Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr., in partnership with the Ministry of Trade, Investments, and Tourism, conducted a site visit to the Malibacao Agricultural Cooperative in South Upi, Maguindanao last February 18, 2022.

MTIT conducted the site visit to verify the area for the construction of a Coffee Processing Center, a program availed by the Office of MP Mitmug under the 2021 Transitional Development Impact Fund.

The P3.4-M center will help boost the quality and production of coffee products in Upi, Maguindanao and neighboring areas. The soon to be established processing center with equipment will also serve as learning site for coffee farmers to sustain their farming from planting, growing, harvesting, processing, fermenting, drying, sorting, roasting and quality control.

Mr. Estanislao Gepte, Head of the Board of Directors of Malibacao Cooperative and project coordinator of North Star Upi Coffee Project, together with Mr. Rizalex M. Favila, Coffee Master and Chairman of Malibacao Cooperative, led the MTIT team and staff of MP Mitmug around the farm, showing the nursery and coffee bean plantation and explaining the harvesting process.

Ms. Amina S. Karon-Mendez, Senior Trade and Industry Development Specialist at MTIT, oriented the officers of the 130-member cooperative regarding the requirements needed to push through with the project. “Pangarap namin na kayo ang maging model. Simulan natin sa processing center, pag nahasa na kayo especially mga kababaihan at kabataan, kayo naman ang magbibigay ng training sa iba, kayo na ang magiging expert sa coffee production,” said Mendez.

Malibacao Cooperative, located in a sprawling 40-hectare farm, processes the coffee seeds to premium quality coffee beans in partnership with North Star Upi Coffee, which was awarded 2nd place [Gourmet Agent” (Silver) award] in the “Puissant Doux” category of the 6th Coffees Roasted at Origin International Contest held in Paris 2020. The coffee farmers use a mix of Liberica and Robusta beans which is popular in the locality.

MP Mitmug, an advocate for local coffee production, has long supported native coffee products from Sulu and South Upi, Maguindanao both of which are primary coffee-producing areas in the Bangsamoro region.


MP Mitmug Holds FGD on the BLGC Youth and SK provisions with Lanao Youth leaders

MARAWI CITY – In line with the Bangsamoro Parliament Program, the District Office of Deputy Minority Floor Leader Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. conducted a focus group discussion on BTA Bill No. 58, otherwise known as the Bangsamoro Local Governance Code last March 1, 2022, (Rajab 28, 1443 AH) at Infinitea, Awar St. Marawi City, Lanao del Sur.

While the first consultation dealt in general with the entire BLGC, this focus group discussion focused on the youth and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) provisions of the bill.

Bin Jamel S. Dilawangun, a member of the Ranaw Youth Council, questioned the inclusion of educational attainment as qualifications for the local candidates, “What will happen to the youth who choose to go to madrasah, instead of going to (formal) school? Hindi po sila pweding ma-elect as SK Chairman or member kahit na sila ay qualified because of the qualification na dapat po ay at least Elementary or Senior High School graduate? Ang sa akin lang po is that, dapat po ay ayusin natin ang mga terminologies po na gagamitin natin para po hindi sila ma-discriminate given the fact na ang pinaglalaban natin ay Bangsamoro as a whole.”

This was in reference to Section 39 of the draft BLGC which states: “(a). – An elective local official must be a citizen of the Philippines; a registered voter in the barangay, municipality, city, or province or, in the case of a member of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Sangguniang Panlungsod, or Sanggunian Bayan, the district where he intends to be elected; a resident therein for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the day of the election; and at least in the college level for provincial, city, and municipal officials, at least in the junior high school level for barangay officials and the Sangguniang Kabataan chairman, and at least in the elementary level for Sangguniang Kabataan members.”

In its presentation on the salient provisions of the Code, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority’s Committee on Local Government explains, “This is rather a radical attempt that may be subject to constitutional challenges. However, since Sec. 2, Article X of the Constitution allows the Congress to enact a LGC which shall provide for, among others, the qualification, etc. of local officials, then we deemed it an opportunity, in the advent of the OLBARMM, mandating the Bangsamoro Government to create its own BLGC, to include a qualification on the educational attainment of elective local officials.”

The resource persons actively participated and contributed their ideas, suggestions and recommendations to the said code during the discussion, anchored on the relevant general laws and the actual experiences of the youth sector. MP Ras Mitmug delivered his welcome address via recorded message and likewise thanked the participants for their time and dedication.

Other youth representatives in the FGD included: Jamal R. Pandapatan (President of Youth ACTS), Amenoding B. Tomindug (member of the Ranaw Youth Parliament), Namera C. Ambor (Youth Development Officer, Bangsamoro Youth Commission), Hanifah Abdulwahab (youth advocate and registered social worker), Hayyan Dumaraya (Youth focal person of the United Bangsamoro Justice Party), Ahmilah G. Angad (member of the Ranao Youth Tanggol Kalikasan), Arafat M. H.Hamid (President of Saguisag A Ranaw ), and Yassin Hadji Basher (Barangay Kagawad of Bacolod II, Lumba-Bayabao).

MP Mitmug turns over digital duplicators in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao under TDIF

MARAWI CITY – The Office of Deputy Minority Floor Leader Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. distributed a total of 12 digital duplicators to various municipalities in Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao availed through the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education (MBHTE) under the 2020 Transitional Development Impact Fund (TDIF) last February 22, 2022.

The recipients are as follows:
1. Municipality of Kapatagan
2. Municipality of Marantao
3. Municipality of Taraka
4. Sultan Malungun National High School, Municipality of Maguing
5. Municipality of Lumba Bayabao,
6. Brgy. Sagonsongan, Marawi City
7. Municipality of Parang, Maguindanao

Each duplicator set (Kyocera Ecosys multi-functional printer) included four boxes of ink. The provision of digital duplicators is part of the Bangsamoro Government’s response to the online distance learning set-up. Teachers may now make use of the duplicators for the reproduction of students’ modules.

The said municipalities expressed their thanks and gratitude to MP Ras Mitmug for extending support in the service for Bangsamoro Education. This is in fulfillment of one of his advocacies in uplifting the Education in the Bangsamoro Region. By the will of Allah, no Bangsamoro child will be left behind.

Office of MP Mitmug Conducts Site Visits with MPW for Solar Streetlight Project

MARAWI CITY – The Office of Deputy Minority Floor Leader Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr., together with the Ministry of Public Works and Highways-Lanao del Sur (MPW-LDS) conducted site visits to various areas in identified municipalities for the installation of solar streetlights. This venture is a program of the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) under the 2021 Transitional Development Impact Fund (TDIF).


The proposed project will be implemented in the target barangays in Lanao del Sur:

  1. Mapantao, Municipality of Lumba-Bayabao
  2. Lumbac Pitakus, Municipality of Taraka
  3. Barangays Borocot and Madaya, Municipality of Maguing
  4. At five selected masajid in the Municipality of Marantao:
    1. Bandra Ingud Mosque of Brgy. Ilian
    2. Maul Tuca Mosque of Brgy. Tuca Maul
    3. Mala Mosque of Brgy. Tuca Maul
    4. Lumbac a Ingud Mosque of Brgy. Maul Proper, and
    5. Batal Mosque in Brgy. Batal.

Community leaders expressed their gratitude to the Office of MP Mitmug as the provision of solar streetlights would greatly improve the night visibility in their areas. The Office of MP Mitmug will continually follow up with the Ministry as the imams have requested that the project be completed before the start of Ramadan.

MP Mitmug conducts FGD on proposed BLGC in Lanao

MARAWI CITY – The Office of Deputy Minority Floor Leader of the Bangsamoro Parliament, Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr., conducted a focus group discussion on BTA Bill No. 58, otherwise known as the Bangsamoro Local Governance Code at Sarabi Cuisine and Café, MSU-Main Campus, Marawi City, last February 14.

One of the objectives of the program was to consult constituents of various backgrounds and expertise for the potential betterment of the said code. Fifteen resource persons were present during the one-day focus group discussion, each raising various concerns on the provisions of the bill. After the presentation of the salient provisions (the same presentation given by the Committee on Local Government), each participant was given five minutes to share their policy stance and recommendations.

Shariah Councilor Mala emphasized, “Kailangan dn na kabgan tano dn sa equal privilege so mga madrasah tano, sa lagid dn o kapmb’gantano sa equal opportunity siiko mga iskwelaan tano… why not i-incorporate tabo sagyanan a local school board so mga Madrasah tano?” [We need to give equal privileges to our madrasah/madaris, the same equal opportunities provided to our schools. Why don’t we incorporate the madaris in our local school boards?] This was in reference to the BLGC provision on local school boards which makes no mention of Madaris Division Superintendents or Assistant Madaris Division Superintendents in the membership of local school boards.

The Bangsamoro Education Code (BAA No. 18), which was passed into law in May 2021, provided for the inclusion of Madaris in the Bangsamoro Education System (Section 5, Coverage).

In the draft BLGC, part of the local school boards’ function is to, “Determine, in accordance with the criteria set by the Ministry of Basic, Higher, and Technical Education, the annual supplementary budgetary needs for the operation and maintenance of public schools within the province, city or municipality, as the case may be, and the supplementary local cost of meeting such needs, which shall be reflected in the form of an annual school board budget corresponding to its share in the proceeds of the special levy on real property constituting the Special Education fund and such other sources of revenue as this Code and other laws or ordinances may provide.”

The BEC’s inclusion of the public Madaris system into the Bangsamoro Education System reflects in Section 167, which states that: “Public schools/Madaris and other public educational institutions shall be funded from public funds” and in Section 170: “The Bangsamoro Government, in collaboration with the National Government, shall extend financial aid and assistance to public schools and public madrasah established and maintained by local governments, including barangay high schools.”

Several queries and concerns were also raised over the anti-dynasty provision in the BLGC and the rampant practice of nepotism in the region. MP Mitmug assured the participants that all of these would be forwarded to the Committee on Local Government for proper documentation and their appropriate response.

Legal Education Board Commissioner Alexander D. Dumpa commended MP Mitmug’s office for the qualitative approach to gain a more in-depth understanding of the social issues or challenges that should be addressed in the drafting of said code.

MP Mitmug expressed his gratitude for the active participation of the resource persons and expressed his hope that others would continue to participate in future continuations of their office’s public consultations on the BLGC. This was the first implementation of the Bangsamoro Parliament Program, which was approved in last year’s budget deliberations. The BPP consists of Community Upliftment and Financial Assistance, Community Driven Legislation, and Special Activities Advocating and Championing Bangsamoro Culture and Communities. Mitmug assured that for the remainder of his term, more consultations and constituency outreach would be conducted.

Others present at the activity were stakeholders representing the youth, legal, religious, academe, and civil society organizations, namely: former ARMM Regional Vice Governor Haroun Alrashid A. Lucman, Jr., Mohammad Nasser C. Abbas, Atty. Ating D. Diacat, Sh.L, DPA, Macaumbao U. Baunto, JD, Dr. Abdul Hanan M. Tago, Dr. Tirmizy E. Abdullah, Ansary Masacal, CPA, Sharief Ismael D. Macabando, CPA, Kince Alhansah Panondiongan, JD, Honorable Anwar Galo-Lamping, Mohammad Ryan Radia, Nurul-Izza Sangcopan and Norhanidah D. Macatoon. Minority Floor Leader Atty. Laisa Alamia and Deputy Minority Floor Leader Engr. Baintan Ampatuan were also present via Zoom.

Aside from printed copies of the draft BLGC, all participants received a flash drive which included relevant documents on the BLGC, published ebooks of the Office of MP Mitmug, and instructions on how to use the Bangsamoro Codes Consultation Portal. Chief of Staff Al Amira Alonto reminded the participants that policy papers on the BLGC would still be received by the Priority Codes Secretariat until March 25, 2022.