BTA adopts calendar for 3rd regular session, pushes for strategic planning

The calendar for the third regular session for 2021-2022 was approved by the Members of the Parliament on Wednesday.



With the resumption of the third regular session on June 16, 2021, the  parliament approved proposed resolution no. 447  adopting calendar of session with 60 plenary sessions. Before its adoption, members of the parliament expressed their concerns on the timetable of passing of the priority codes during the specified schedule in the proposed calendar. MP Lorena asked Majority Floor Leader Lanang Ali if consultations to accomplish the priority codes have been considered in the two-week sessions, emphasizing that the BTA should double time for the passage of the codes. To that, MP Ali answered that the priority codes will be passed within this year and that the Chief Minister may call a special session for that purpose on the first and second week of the month. The majority leader also added that his Office and SUBATRA are planning to hold a “strategic and operational planning” on parliamentary procedures focusing on the timetable for deliberating and passing legislations.

Minority Floor Leader Baintan Ampatuan raised that enumeration [of dates] should be linked with a plan to accommodate a lot of pending legislations. She also made a point of inquiry on whether a notice or advisory is still mandatory from the Secretary General considering the calendar has already been set. MP Ali answered that the calendar is a reminder for all MPs about the schedule of sessions and that the Secretary General may send notice beforehand. MP Nabil Tan qualified to move for the approval of the matter in discussion but also asserted that rules can be amended anytime, and he may add dates [in the calendar] during the strategic planning session.

On the query of holidays by MP Saliga, majority leader said that no session will be held when it falls during holidays. In answer to MP Rasol Mitmug’s question about the proposed planning session of the BTA, MP Ali explained that the strategic planning was supposed to be scheduled in May but was postponed to June due to covid-19 surge in the city and neighboring areas but it did not materialize. As of now, the tentative schedule is on the first and second week of July. It was also said that the amendment of house rules is imperative prior to the amendment of the calendar. Speaker Adiong and MP Tago both agreed that legislative agenda should be tackled first in the Committee of Rules. Consequently, the legislative calendar could be enhanced during the planning session.

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