Bangsamoro Hymn

To celebrate the Bangsamoro Foundation Day, the Office of MP Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. is releasing an updated version of the Official Bangsamoro Hymn, sung by renowned Lumad artist Bayang Barrios.

Produced by: Bayang Barrios
Mixed by: Mike Villegas
Arranged by: Mike Villegas and Angelo Villegas
Percussions: Kulintang, Kubing, Bonggos, shakers- Jape Bongat
Agong: Bayang Barrios
Vocals: Bayang Barrios
Composed by: Bangsamoro Transition Authority (Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 7)

This Bangsamoro Hymn lyric video is free and may be used by government offices, government agencies, schools, universities, and other organizations for events and appropriate venues.

Download links:
High-res lyric video
High-res audio only
Low-res audio only

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