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3 BTA MPs and BPDA exec among MNSA Executive Class pioneer graduates

MP Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia, MP Engr. Baintan Adil Ampatuan, MP Atty. Maisara C. Dandamun-Latiph and BPDA Director General Mohajirin T. Ali are among the first batch to complete the Executive Master in National Security Administration (E-MNSA) Program of the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP).










Let’s look at their achievements below.

MP Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia, MNSA, CESE, BTA Minority Floor Leader, graduated with Honors and a SILVER MEDAL in both Academics and Best Thesis from the Master in National Security Administration Executive Program’s pioneer class. She was also recognized for academic excellence with the Term Award (Terms 1-3), Meritorious Thesis Award, and Silver Medal award. She is also the Chair of the GPH’s Working Group on Demobilized Combatants and Communities. During the graduation ceremonies, MP Atty. Laisa was also commissioned into the AFP Reserve Force with the rank of Commander in the Philippine Navy (Reserve), which will take effect after the President’s assent, in accordance with Presidential Decree 190 and Republic Act No. 7077.

MP Engr. Baintan Adil Ampatuan, MNSA, CSEE graduated with honors and received a SILVER MEDAL in Best Thesis as well as a Bronze Medal in Academics. She also received the Term Award (Terms 1-3), Meritorious Thesis Award, and Bronze Medal for Academic Excellence for her academic achievements. Engr. Baintain is also the MILF Camp Transformation GPH Chair.

MP Atty. Maisara C. Dandamun-Latiph and BPDA Director General Mohajirin T. Ali both earned an Executive Master in National Security Administration.

Driven by hardwork and determination, these BARMM public officials strived to complete and obtain their Executive Master in National Security Administration. The Office of MP Mitmug applauds these civil servants who increase their professional expertise by gaining additional education in order to better serve their constituents.

This will increase situational awareness and operational strategy in the Bangsamoro’s transition to independence, as envisioned by the Organic Law for the Bangsamoro.

The E-MNSA program is the only graduate-level program in the country that offers a master’s degree which covers formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies in national security administration.

The pioneer class is identified as Master in National Security Administration Executive Program, Executive Class 01.




Ebook launch: Bangsamoro Education Code

The Office of MP Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr. launches its e-book on the Bangsamoro Education Code. This is the fifth e-book in a series on Bangsamoro legal and legislative references.

The BEC, or Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 18, was passed earlier in May during a special session. It is one of the priority codes of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority, and covers the educational system within the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.

The BEC is the Bangsamoro Parliament’s response to creating an educational framework that is relevant and responsive to the needs, ideals, and aspirations of the Bangsamoro people.

Unique provisions within the BEC cover the establishment of the public madrasah system, the integration of the Tahfidz Al-Quran (also referred to as toril in some areas) in the alternative learning system, and the creation of a tribal university system, among others.

MP Mitmug hopes this will be a valuable resource for students, teachers, lawyers, and everyday citizens who wish to read and understand the new Bangsamoro government.

e-Book Layout by: Deogracias A. Arellano / deoaaa@gmail.com

Download links:

Bangsamoro Education Code (Bangsamoro Autonomy Act No. 18) EPUB | PDF

BTA approves Bangsamoro Education Code

COTABATO CITY – After a rigorous eight-hour deliberation, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority unanimously approved Bill No. 70 or the proposed Bangsamoro Education Code (BEC) on third and final reading in a special session today. This shall be known as Bangsamoro Autonomous Act No. 18, the third priority legislation passed by the Parliament.

Vice Chairperson on the Committee on Basic, Higher, and Technical Education MP Rasol Mitmug on Tuesday assisted MP Mohagher Iqbal in answering queries from other Members of the Parliament during the Bangsamoro Education Code’s period of interpellation.

Responding to MP Amir Mawallil’s questions, he explained that students within the Bangsamoro will still take the National Achievement Test, although the region has been given powers for its own assessment of the students. Teachers within the Bangsamoro will still receive training from the Department of Education, but the Ministry on Basic, Higher, and Technical Education may also provide localized training for teachers.

On the integration of Bangsamoro history in the curriculum, MP Iqbal said that new textbooks and materials would still have to be made.

“Anything in the national system still applies to BARMM since our educational system is a subsystem of the national. As to specialization, our supervisors usually focus on jurisdictional area but now they will be focusing on subject matters. In every division there will be specialized supervisors,” Vice Chair Mitmug added on the query of MP Mawallil on strengthening teachers’ subject specialization.

MP Mitmug emphasized  that one of the objectives of the Code is the promotion and strengthening of school management citing Section 84, Chapter 6 of the legislation. The newly passed BEC shall cover and govern all education systems, whether formal, non-formal and informal, public and private learning institutions, in all levels, to be collectively referred to as the “Bangsamoro Education System”.

The BEC was filed and introduced by Minister Iqbal back in October last year and went through series of committee hearings and consultations for over six months.

Dear Class of 2020: A message to the graduates

How are you doing?

It is important to ask this question now because of everything that is going on.

As of the moment, the world is in the midst of a battle against COVID-19 pandemic and this resulted on a major shift in our lives. Most schools approached the few remaining weeks of the school year to accommodate changes brought by the threat of the disease. Notably, graduating students who are eagerly excited for their ceremonial rites to celebrate their accomplishments have to face an unusual goodbye, a rushed goodbye, that is. There are a lot of emotions on that peculiarity indeed. You, all of us, have to deal with the “uncertainty”, “confusion,” and the “new normal.”

As you go through an important transition in your life, I just want to encourage you to place importance to what our community needs because the quality of service we impart to the people is in itself an immeasurable achievement. It is through giving back to the community where we belong where we experience true satisfaction. It is through these dangerous times that we need unifying action and a compassionate heart for everyone specially those who are suffering.

This pandemic taught us to find ways, in as much as the situation and measures permit, to continue the learning process. This is what we are trying to navigate and develop, an educational crisis leadership strategy. We are learning more about the importance of good governance and proactive leadership, as well as a well-functioning and responsive social and health care systems.

The Department of Education recently announced that graduation rites are not cancelled but merely postponed due to existing public health measures. The Commission on Higher Education, on the other hand, also expressed that learning institutions may hold an alternative way for such ceremonies or moving it on a later date. With all these pronouncements, we sincerely hope that you can still have your ceremonies in the near future.

In traversing life, there is a need for continuous growth to adapt accordingly. So be prepared. Stay optimistic. The challenge now lies within us as we begin our new reality.

Mabrouk to all the graduates of different academic institutions in the Bangsamoro!

*This article was first published on MP Mitmug’s facebook page on April 23, 2020.