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Session Recap: BTA adopts resolutions filed by MP Mitmug; 7 bills pass first and second stage

The Bangsamoro Parliament adopted six resolutions of MP Rasol Mitmug Jr. with three measures as principal author during sessions 60, 61 and 62 (June 22-24, 2021). Five bills were introduced during the first stage and two bills were passed during the second stage of second reading.

The following are the approved resolutions:

  1. Proposed Resolution (PR) No. 361: Resolution Encouraging All Newly-Appointed Employees To Take Their Respective Oath Of Moral Governance Before The Office The Of Wali (principal author)
  2. PR No. 441: A Resolution Expressing The Profound Sympathy And Sincere Condolences Of The Bangsamoro Transition Authority On The Death Of Fr. Filemon G. Romero, Former Chancellor Of Mindanao State University Tawi-Tawi, And Honoring His Contributions As An Academician And A Scientist In The Field Of Environment And Marine Sciences (co-author)
  3. PR No. 413: Resolution Supporting The Actions Of Our Moro Legislators For Standing On Behalf Of The Bangsamoro, And Ensuring The Protection And Welfare Of Our People Outside The Region (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/24/bta-approves-resolution-supporting-moro-legislators-for-protecting-moro-people-outside-barmm/
  4. PR No. 456: A Resolution Expressing Deepest Condolences And Sympathies To The Family Of The Late Former President Benigno Aquino Iii And Extending Profound Appreciation And Gratitude For His Contribution To Peace And Development In The Bangsamoro Region (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/24/bangsamoro-parliament-mourns-death-of-former-president-noynoy-aquino/
  5. PR No. 427: Resolution Directing The Bangsamoro Darul-Ifta To Issue Fatwa On What Constitute Halal Conduct Of Public Officials And Employees, As Khalifa, In The Bangsamoro Autonomous Government Pursuant To Moral Governance (co-author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/24/bta-directs-darul-ifta-to-issue-islamic-ruling-on-halal-conduct-of-barmm-officials-and-employees/
  6. PR No. 407: A Resolution Expressing Support For The Enactment Into Law Of Senate Bill 2081 And House Bill 8249 Declaring The First Day Of February Of Every Year As National Hijab Day And Promoting An Understanding Of The Muslim Tradition Of Wearing A Hijab (in consolidation with No. 384) (co-author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/25/bangsamoro-parliament-votes-to-support-national-hijab-day/

First Reading Bills:

  1. Bill No 103: An Act Upgrading Datu Halun Sakilan Memorial Hospital Into A Level II Hospital, Increasing Its Bed Capacity, Upgrading Its Professional Health Care Services And Facilities, Authorizing The Increase Of Its Medical Personnel And Appropriating Funds Therefor (co-author)
  2. Bill No. 108: An Act Operationalizing The Bangsamoro Gazette, Appropriating Funds Therefore, And For Other Purposes (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/23/bta-bill-eyes-to-operationalize-bangsamoro-gazette/?fbclid=IwAR1pIV1dFw-kne1gPCgRTdKoadjNnJLEnJfqpP_d6oYghkigHndYXdJsV4Q
  3. Bill No. 109: An Act Institutionalizing The Registration And Regional Database For Informal Workers, Economic Units, And Organizations Or Associations Within The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/25/bangsamoro-parliament-bill-wants-regional-database-for-informal-sector-workers/
  4. Bill No. 110: An Act Creating The New Geographic Areas District Engineering Office, Appropriating Funds Therefor, And For Other Purposes (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/23/barmm-legislators-push-for-the-establishment-of-district-engineering-offices-in-cotabato-city-north-cotabato/
  5. Bill No. 113: An Act Establishing A Regionwide Geo-Tagging System For Infrastructure Projects In The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region And Appropriating Funds Therefor (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/25/proposed-geotagging-bill-to-ensure-transparency-on-barmms-infrastructure-projects/

Second Reading Bills (second stage):

  1. Bill No. 104: An Act Requiring All Constituent Local Government Units In The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region To Allocate An Adequate Land Space For The Establishment Of A Bangsamoro Public Cemetery, Providing For Its Guidelines, And For Other Purposes (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/28/barmm-acquires-land-for-muslim-public-cemetery-and-repairs-mosques-in-sulunbsp/
  2. Bill No. 105: An Act Creating The Bangsamoro Parliament Corporate Body, Enhancing The Parliamentary Governance Of The Region, And Appropriating Funds Therefor (principal author) https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/2021/06/23/bangsamoro-parliament-bill-targets-to-create-parliament-corporate-body/

Under Rule XXI, Stages of Legislation of the Parliamentary Rules, during the first reading, a bill is introduced in the BTA. The Speaker shall direct the Secretary-General to read the bill’s number, title and author.

Meanwhile, during the second stage of the second reading, the proponent will deliver his/her sponsorship speech containing the general principles, outline, objectives and purposes of his/her bill.

The session will resume on July 13, 2021.



BTA approves Bangsamoro Education Code

COTABATO CITY – After a rigorous eight-hour deliberation, the Bangsamoro Transition Authority unanimously approved Bill No. 70 or the proposed Bangsamoro Education Code (BEC) on third and final reading in a special session today. This shall be known as Bangsamoro Autonomous Act No. 18, the third priority legislation passed by the Parliament.

Vice Chairperson on the Committee on Basic, Higher, and Technical Education MP Rasol Mitmug on Tuesday assisted MP Mohagher Iqbal in answering queries from other Members of the Parliament during the Bangsamoro Education Code’s period of interpellation.

Responding to MP Amir Mawallil’s questions, he explained that students within the Bangsamoro will still take the National Achievement Test, although the region has been given powers for its own assessment of the students. Teachers within the Bangsamoro will still receive training from the Department of Education, but the Ministry on Basic, Higher, and Technical Education may also provide localized training for teachers.

On the integration of Bangsamoro history in the curriculum, MP Iqbal said that new textbooks and materials would still have to be made.

“Anything in the national system still applies to BARMM since our educational system is a subsystem of the national. As to specialization, our supervisors usually focus on jurisdictional area but now they will be focusing on subject matters. In every division there will be specialized supervisors,” Vice Chair Mitmug added on the query of MP Mawallil on strengthening teachers’ subject specialization.

MP Mitmug emphasized  that one of the objectives of the Code is the promotion and strengthening of school management citing Section 84, Chapter 6 of the legislation. The newly passed BEC shall cover and govern all education systems, whether formal, non-formal and informal, public and private learning institutions, in all levels, to be collectively referred to as the “Bangsamoro Education System”.

The BEC was filed and introduced by Minister Iqbal back in October last year and went through series of committee hearings and consultations for over six months.