CBHTE receives panel report on Bangsamoro Education Code

COTABATO CITY — Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) Parliament’s Committee on Basic, Higher and Technical Education (CBHTE) received today, December 21, 2020 the panel report on BTA Cabinet Bill No. 70 or the Bangsamoro Education Code (BEC) presented by the BEC panel, detailing the consultations that took place with the subject matter experts, school administrators, division and district heads, as well as the matrix of issues based on the consolidated position papers and policy briefs.

In his message, Panel Chair and Minister of the Ministry of Basic Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) MP Mohagher Iqbal stressed he is confident that the conversations were fruitful, and they were able to acquire significant insights from those who attended these consultations.

“Now we proceed to the meticulous process of collating these ideas and analyzing them to determine their relevance in strengthening the draft Education Code,” Iqbal said.

Iqbal constituted previously the ‘panels’ to spearhead the conduct of public consultations with experts and stakeholders in the provinces of Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, Tawi-Tawi and Sulu, primarily to gather the positions of resource persons and consolidate their issues, concerns, and recommendations for deliberation by the Committee to evolve an educational framework that is relevant and responsive to the needs, ideals, and aspirations of the Bangsamoro people.

Panel Member MP Atty. Maisarah Damdamun Latiph delivered the report which contains a summary of the consolidated observations, issues and concerns, key suggestions and recommendations by resource persons during series of consultations.

“Throughout the series of public consultations held from November 23 to December 9, 2020, the Panel was guided by the rules on the conduct of public hearings,” Latiph said.

During the simultaneous consultations, resource persons participated via Zoom teleconference hosted at the BTA Extension Office, while others physically attended in the following locations, Pagana Kutawato Native Restaurant in Cotabato City (Maguindanao Ground Consultation), Jolo Town Hall Complex in Jolo (Sulu Ground Consultation), R and R Garden in Bongao (Tawi-Tawi Ground Consultation) and SP Hall in Isabela City (Basilan Ground Consultation).

Among the highlights were four (4) video presentations of the salient features of the Code, entitled as: Why Bangsamoro Education Code is Amazing?; Madrasah Education; Higher-Technical Education; and Provisions on IP Education and Special Education.

Committee Vice-Chairperson MP Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug, Jr., who presided the series of consultations, emphasized in his message the main purpose of the consultation and the Code itself as follows: for the Panel to reach out and reach an understanding of the BEC; an expert suggested this Code to be called as “Bangsamoro Education Code” being not a mere compilation but the first law about our education; historical and all suggestions/recommendations will be reviewed and deliberated before its passage into law; BEC importantly prioritized Basic Education, Higher Education, Technical and Vocational Education, Public Madrasah Education, Indigenous Peoples Education, and Special Education as featured in the videos presented; approval and creation of books will be regionalized; training of teachers; the Code contains the structures and ideas that would allow the system to operate.

Panel chiefs included MP Dr. Alzad T. Sattar for Basilan, MP Ziaur-Rahman Alonto Adiong for Lanao del Sur, MP Mussolini S. Lidasan for Maguindanao, MP Adzfar H. Usman for Sulu and MP Prof. Eddie M. Alih for Tawi-Tawi.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Bill No. 70 otherwise known as the “Bangsamoro Education Code” is one of the priority legislations that the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) needs to pass during the transition period pursuant to Article XVI Section 4 of Republic Act No. 11054, also known as the Bangsamoro Organic Law. Iqbal filed the Bill during BTA’s special session on October 28, 2020.

The proposed legislation will cover and govern learning systems within the Bangsamoro region such as formal, non-formal and informal learning systems, public and private learning institutions in all levels – Basic, Higher, and Technical Education. In carrying out its obligation, the Bangsamoro Government is guided by the following principles, inclusivity, equity, rights-based, rooted in context, integrated, balanced and moral governance. (GALao, Publication and Media Relations Division, BTA Parliament)

*Originally published by the BTA-Publication and Media Relations Division (https://parliament.bangsamoro.gov.ph/latest-news/cbhte-receives-panel-report-on-bangsamoro-education-code/)

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