MENRE vows to protect Begonia bangsamoro plant

MARAWI CITY – The Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy (MENRE) vows to preserve and protect the newly discovered plant species Begonia bangsamoro in Lanao del Sur province.

On Monday, June 14, Provincial ENRE Officer Asmarie M. Labao together with representatives from the Office of Bangsamoro Parliament Deputy Minority Floor Leader Atty. Rasol Mitmug, Jr. held an ocular visit and analysis on the Begonia bangsamoro in the rainforests of Barangay Banga in the Municipality of Wao.

The plant, named after the Bangsamoro people, was discovered in the area by a group of six researchers namely: Dave P. Buenavista, Yu Pin Ang, Mc Andrew K. Pranada, Daryl S. Salas, Eefke Mollee, and Morag Mcdonald. [Related Story: Newly discovered plant in LDS named after the Bangsamoro people]

“The discovery of this new plant species in our Inged a Ranaw signifies the richness of our place in terms of biodiversity,” said Labao.

“We will be proposing collaborative efforts with the local government units of Wao, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions for possible partnership in the preservation and protection of the Begonia Bangsamoro and its habitat,” he added.

Wao Municipal ENRE Officer Antonieto Montanez explained that the plant can be sighted along Ginapukan River in fragments.

“Dalawang site po ito, ang area na ito spans to 100 square meters, meron pa po sa taas na medyo malawak, mga 200 square meters,” said Montanez.

Community ENRE Officer 2A Asnawi Dataman, Biodiversity Management Services Chief Ameer Hussien Abbas, Jamalodin P. Dilawangun representing MP Mitmug, and Marawi City Community Affairs Officer Abulkhair M. Alibasa were also present during the site visit. (Bangsamoro Information Office)

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