Mitmug encourages maximizing youth participation in peace camp message

MP Mitmug’s message during the launching ceremony of the Peace and Environmental Camp 2022 last October 22, 2022 at Lake Lanao Central College Inc., Convention Hall, Basak Malutlut, Marawi City.
“In the face of new normal brought about by the pandemic, the youth have shown resiliency, courage and unity in the midst of a global threat. And this can be exercised through this PEACE AND ENVIRONMENTAL CAMP 2022.
Youth involvement and engagement in today’s myriad campaigns and advocacies is a sigh of relief, eliminating apprehensions of a passive and oblivious generation, and showing signs of a promising future. As technology becomes more available, the youth have been given a wider platform, various options, and more importantly A VOICE – a voice that is full of fire and passion that will fuel their admirations.
Their contributions to the society are crucial. Hence, giving them opportunities and more space would empower them and maximize their participation in nation-building. These are young minds facing an unexpected reality.
We all have to partake and invest in each other’s potentials to overcome these challenges. Global Action means engagement of the youth and all sectors aiming to make a huge and beneficial difference in today’s society.
As such, we hope that this activity will be a platform for our participants to share their thoughts and experiences as part of the vision of the Bangsamoro Youth Commission to empower more youth in fully exercising their potentials.”

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