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3 BTA MPs and BPDA exec among MNSA Executive Class pioneer graduates

MP Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia, MP Engr. Baintan Adil Ampatuan, MP Atty. Maisara C. Dandamun-Latiph and BPDA Director General Mohajirin T. Ali are among the first batch to complete the Executive Master in National Security Administration (E-MNSA) Program of the National Defense College of the Philippines (NDCP).










Let’s look at their achievements below.

MP Atty. Laisa Masuhud Alamia, MNSA, CESE, BTA Minority Floor Leader, graduated with Honors and a SILVER MEDAL in both Academics and Best Thesis from the Master in National Security Administration Executive Program’s pioneer class. She was also recognized for academic excellence with the Term Award (Terms 1-3), Meritorious Thesis Award, and Silver Medal award. She is also the Chair of the GPH’s Working Group on Demobilized Combatants and Communities. During the graduation ceremonies, MP Atty. Laisa was also commissioned into the AFP Reserve Force with the rank of Commander in the Philippine Navy (Reserve), which will take effect after the President’s assent, in accordance with Presidential Decree 190 and Republic Act No. 7077.

MP Engr. Baintan Adil Ampatuan, MNSA, CSEE graduated with honors and received a SILVER MEDAL in Best Thesis as well as a Bronze Medal in Academics. She also received the Term Award (Terms 1-3), Meritorious Thesis Award, and Bronze Medal for Academic Excellence for her academic achievements. Engr. Baintain is also the MILF Camp Transformation GPH Chair.

MP Atty. Maisara C. Dandamun-Latiph and BPDA Director General Mohajirin T. Ali both earned an Executive Master in National Security Administration.

Driven by hardwork and determination, these BARMM public officials strived to complete and obtain their Executive Master in National Security Administration. The Office of MP Mitmug applauds these civil servants who increase their professional expertise by gaining additional education in order to better serve their constituents.

This will increase situational awareness and operational strategy in the Bangsamoro’s transition to independence, as envisioned by the Organic Law for the Bangsamoro.

The E-MNSA program is the only graduate-level program in the country that offers a master’s degree which covers formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies in national security administration.

The pioneer class is identified as Master in National Security Administration Executive Program, Executive Class 01.




Meranaw condiments you need to know

In a Meranaw household, a meal would not be complete without the delectable and spicy palapa which serves as an appetizer.

Sakurab is the main ingredient in making Palapa. Palapa is an important feature of Meranaw cuisine. Maranao or “people of the lake”, it is the name given to a group of Muslim people in the Philippines who originated in the southern region of the country. Palapa can be found in almost every Maranao family. It’s a condiment that’s commonly found in our cuisine.

Photo by Jai of Palapa sa Lumba

Sakurab, also known as native shallots, is a vegetable that resembles scallions and is used as a traditional Filipino cuisine seasoning. The Meranaw, in particular, makes extensive use of it as part of their daily meals. Sakurab is the major component of the popular Maranao condiment palapa, which includes spices, salt, and ginger. It is good as a side dish when eaten raw. 

Sakurab also known as “sibujing” in traditional cuisines in the islands of Mindanao and Visayas is available for purchase for about 500 grams each bundle. Each bundle costs between 20 to 30 pesos. It can also be purchased outside of Lanao, but prices are higher.

in addition to Sakurab, ginger and chilis are needed to make palapa, . These ingredients are mixed in a food processor or by using a mortar and pestle alone. Salt is added after mixing the three ingredients, and this can be kept in the fridge if you only want to use it for cooking to preserve its quality.

Palapa can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. You can add it to scrambled eggs, sauté it, eat it with fried fish, or season it with soy sauce, among other things.




Turnover ceremony of mobile clinic under TDIF

The Office of MP Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug Jr. through the Ministry of Health-BARMM, turned over one mobile clinic to the Integrated Provincial Health Office of Lanao del Sur today, July 5.

MP Atty. Rasol Y. Mitmug Jr. thanked the Bangsamoro Government for coming up with program such as the Transitional Development Impact Fund (TDIF) which is very relevant in alleviating the needs of the Bangsamoro people during this time of pandemic.

Aside from the turnover, attendees witnessed the signing of Memorandum of Understanding, distribution of 250 BHW Kits, and turn-over of communication equipment to HEPOs.

According to Vice Governor Adiong, “Very timely aya sa giya maulaula tano knaba bo sa giya Lanao del Sur ka giya dn a entire a dunya a kasasabotan tano a giya pandemic (What is happening to us right now is very timely, not only for Lanao Del Sur but for the entire world, we know that there is pandemic)”. He emphasized how helpful the mobile clinic is to the people of Lanao del Sur.

The turnover was attended and witnessed by Health minister Dr. Bashary A. Latiph, CPAFP, MSPH-MHA  Dr. Alinader D. Minalang, Provincial Health Officer II, IPHO – Lanao del Sur, Hon. Mohammad Khalid “Mujam” R. Adiong, Vice Governor of the Province of Lanao del Sur, Dr. Apasrah M. Mapupuno, MPM Provincial Health Officer I, Vice Mayor Sittie Aisah L. Pansar of Municipality of Butig and Board Members of the Province of Lanao del Sur.

Philippine Navy Reserve, Lanao del Sur donate toys and food to Marawi children

Marawi–The Philippine Navy Reserve led by 623rd NSR ILIGAN, NRCen- Western Mindanao ENS Paisal M. Mawi PN (Res) and Provincial Government of Lanao del Sur distributed toys from TV5 Alagang Kapatid Foundation and food packs for the children of Marawi City last July 1, 2021.

Atty. Rasol Y Mitmug Jr., as part of the Navy Reserve and Member of the Parliament, donated kiddie meals for the activity for children ages five and above.

In collaboration with this Office, this mission was made possible by Philippine Navy Reserve Commander NRCen-WM, COL LEO C. FRINCILLO PN(M)(GCS), Office of Provincial Government of Lanao del Sur, Area 6 President Jamael Bagumbaran, and Khadaffy Daromimbang.

Said program was conducted following the minimum health standards for the safety of everyone involved.

Bangsamoro Parliament statistical digest

Keep up-to-date with the current numbers and record of the Bangsamoro Parliament with facts and figures.

The Office of MP Rasol Mitmug Jr. launched a statistical digest of the work of the Bangsamoro Transition Authority.

The statistical breakdown includes updates on the number of bills and resolutions categorized under filed, pending and passed.

This page also contains a Counter on the finished session days for the third regular session. The legislative calendar which was recently approved is comprised of a total of 60 plenary sessions. The third regular session was opened on June 15, 2021.

Click this link to direct you to the parliamentary statistics: